ExpressPOS’s ExpressPOS order fulfillment feature was designed for individuals with limited computer knowledge, to easily process multiple online grocery orders simultaneously.  Our ExpressPOS feature minimizes store labor by allowing store personnel to shop, bag and checkout up to ten (10) orders at one time in the store's aisles.  ExpressPOS can reduce the total labor involved in the order fulfillment process to an average of fifteen to twenty minutes per order.  


ExpressPOS saves the labor cost of baggers and checkers by eliminating the need to checkout orders through the store's point of sale equipment.  ExpressPOS will automatically update the store’s inventory information in the store's point of sale and/or backroom systems.  Its design protects against sweethearting, integrates easily with the store's bookkeeping procedures and supports GAAP accounting disciplines.  


ExpressPOS eliminates “bait and switch pricing” by assuring full price integrity for consumers.  Price integrity means avoiding governmental agencies that assess fines for price switching.


ExpressPOS also provides complete order information to customers.  If an item is substituted or is out of stock, notes are printed on the customer's receipt informing the customer what has occurred with the item.  ExpressPOS indicates on the customer's receipt when an item is on special, any Electronic Store Coupons or manufacturer coupons the customer received and the amount the customer has saved.  It also conveniently identifies ingredient items for the recipes the customer ordered. This information eliminates customers' concerns regarding why they did, or did not, receive an item.  It saves store labor costs by eliminating customers' telephone calls to store personnel to receive an explanation of their order.


ExpressPOS is flexible in that its design has a "walk before run" concept that allows stores to start inexpensively. As the order volume grows, stores may add devices that increase efficiency and are cost effective.  The ExpressPOS process initially starts with a paper-picking document.  As order volume grows, the store may choose to graduate to the Expresspos Tablet.  The ExpressPOS Tablet is a low cost tablet computer which uses a hands-free scanner that is larrieted around the shopper's neck providing for hands-free operation.