You already know that offers an online shopping platform. You’ve seen that your customers can phone our call center and place their orders that way, too. What we don’t have is an app.

That’s crazy. Who doesn’t have an app? It’s the 21st Century. EVERYBODY shops through apps. How did that escape us?

Well…it didn’t. Our business is predicated on expedient practicality and convenience, for both the retailer and the consumer. We don’t need an app.

Think about it. An app is platform specific (iOS, Android, WebOS); there’s continual need for store-specific updates; there’s more labor for you to maintain and execute the app…where’s the payoff?

What we have is a mobile website. Expedient. Practical. Convenient. Any smartphone, tablet or web-enabled device can access your site immediately. No updates are necessary for the consumer because your site is maintained in real time.’s mobile website is simply another venue for revenue without the need to find, download and update an app.

Anyone can shop your stores from anywhere at any time in any way they choose. What’s more, we store customer orders on our servers, not with cookies. That means a customer can start shopping on their laptop, order more from their smartphone or tablet, call and add more items, change delivery time or whatever the customer needs. They can even use the “I’ll shop” feature on the mobile website to select items to pick up in the store, which will then automatically be subtracted from their existing order. It really is as simple as “...anyone, anywhere, any time, any way.”

Your customers want to buy groceries from you. You want to sell groceries to them. We’ve simplified the technology and eliminated the frustration. Let your customers shop, and make it easy with

We did it first. We’re still doing it. Online shopping done right.


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